Garden Bridge Supply and Installation in Epping, Essex

Our team at Heathland Decking Services recently undertook a project with the help of  Heathland Aquatic Engineering to provide five bridges of varying sizes  to a private client in Essex. One of the bridges incorporated a lockable gate.

The client required five different size bridges to be placed at different locations across their property to either gain access to a central island or to create a path across a stream that linked the different lakes together. Our team at Heathland Decking Services used the same strong and durable decking materials to create these bridges that the decking kits we supply are crafted from.

The two teams worked together to ensure the outcome of this project was to the highest of standards and attention was paid to the smallest details. The deck boards used for these bridges had been designed and manufactured using the most innovative technology and environmentally friendly materials, making them practical, durable and ideal for this use. For more information on the materials used for the construction of the bridges please click HERE.

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