Holiday Home Steps & Ramps

holiday home decking ramp cream Holiday Home Steps & RampsBeautiful steps and ramps to access your h0liday home Decking

Having access is essential for enjoying your holiday home decking, so Heathland Group provides the perfect access solutions with a choice of ramps and steps in different designs to match your decking design.

Plastic steps and ramps to match your holiday home decking and balustrades

Steps can be fitted safely and securely enhancing the appearance and appeal of your decking by creating a personalised entrance. Storage boxes can also be built underneath steps to provide you with extra storage space.

Ramps for holiday home decks

Our ramps are built using the same strong and durable deck boards as the holiday home decking to match perfectly with your chosen holiday home decking design. By providing a gradual incline these ramps are particularly suited for disabled access and families with pushchairs. These ramps also easily take the weight of mobility scooters.

Ramps and steps for holiday homes come in a variety of colours and designs

The ramps and steps that we have available come in a range of colours and designs like most of our holiday home decking components, to ensure you get a truly personalised feel with your chosen design. We aim to ensure every client is 100% happy with their choice and design so that they can continue to enjoy their holiday home decking for years to come.

For more information on our steps and ramps for holiday homes or decking for your holiday home, please call us on 0800 3891990 or email us at [email protected]