Holiday Home Plastic Decking

holiday home plastic decking Holiday Home Plastic DeckingAdd a beautiful outside deck to your holiday home and increase your outdoor space and storage

Heathland Decking Services has a variety of options when it comes to our innovative decking designs for holiday homes. The deck boards we supply and install are available in two different designs, classic and deluxe. Both the classic and deluxe designs have a range of colours to suit most requirements.

Holiday Home Decking Options

holiday home decking colour chart Holiday Home Plastic Decking

Benefits and features of our plastic decking for holiday homes

  • Additional outside space for entertaining, dining etc
  • Slightly domed in the centre to maximise drainage
  • Additonal storage space is possible underneath skirting and stairs
  • Carry a class 1 fire rating
  • Hidden drain holes
  • Feature a tongues and groove design - eliminating the need for fiddly clips and enables faster fitting
  • All fixings are hidden
  • Made from 83% recycled plastic
  • Tested to BS7679 for slip resistance
  • Tested to BS ¬†EN660:1999 and BS EN428:1993 for wear
  • Has a slip resistant surface making them safe in both wet and dry weather conditions.
  • 100% lead free
  • Mould and algae resistant
  • Strong and durable 35mm thick deck boards.
  • Decking load tested to 521kg/m2
  • Scratch and stain resistant
  • Wood grained pattern deck boards

Heathland Decking Services offer nothing but the very best quality in all of our decking products for holiday homes, so we use nothing but the strongest most durable materials during manufacturing to ensure that your deck will remain sturdy and beautiful with minimal maintenance for years to come.

The deck boards only require a stiff bristle brush and warm soapy water to clean them, so no harsh chemicals are required. A jet wash can also be used without affecting the durability of these products. These decking boards should not be cleaned down with any abrasive papers, glass cleaners, adhesives, solvents or bleach.

For more information on all of our decking for holiday homes, please call us at 0800 3891990 or email us at [email protected]