Commercial Decking Balustrades

commercial balustrades Commercial Decking BalustradesCustom made commercial decking balustrades

At Heathland Group we have a wide range of commercial decking balustrades so you can have a truly bespoke feel with your chosen decking design. We can supply these decking balustrades in a range of colours to suit your premises or any style you wish to create or  to match any surrounding landscape.

Commercial Decking Balustrade Options

commercial balustrade handrail colour chart Commercial Decking Balustrades

These commercial decking balustrades have been intelligently manufactured to conceal any fixings to ensure they look superb and are of the highest standards. The caps and bracket moulds are foiled in the same design and the posts and bottom railings are all reinforced giving this balustrade system extra strength and durability.

Heathland Group have worked to ensure that all of the products we supply, including the balustrades for our commercial decking, will stand the test of time with proper care. These balustrades have been designed and manufactured to first class standards ensuring they incorporate higher levels of fire resistance in comparison with balustrade traditional systems. Also unlike traditional timber systems the plastic commercial decking systems and balustrades are extremely low maintenance with no sanding, staining or painting required. You simply need a soft cloth and some warm soapy water.

Our  commercial decking balustrades also have a range of accessories that can be added. The pickets available with the commercial balustrade systems come in a variety of styles; bowed pickets, contemporary pickets, madison pickets and full glass panels.

For more information on all of our commercial decking balustrades and commercial decking products please call us at 0800 3891990 or email us at [email protected].